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I love having the privilege to work with so many amazing families!  I also happen to work with a lot of accomplished couples.  One of the moms I worked with recently is a successful blogger.  Here is her blog post about her labor and delivery.  I am so blessed to be included in her birth story!  http://www.hauteintexas.com/issas-birth-story-part-two/

Tina is absolutely wonderful! What I like most about her is that she remained calm and confident during my labor. I recall a moment when I was really feeling distraught and my husband was starting to get worried too (the OB was making us nervous). When I looked into Tina’s collected face she made me believe that “everything is just fine” — which in turn gave me more physical strength to make it through those final pushing contractions. Since this was my first birth, I really needed an unshakeable rock to lean on. Always warm and caring, TIna is able to offer you plenty of medical knowledge to assist you in the decisions YOU make — she never tries to make decisions for you. — Nathalie


Emma's First Days 003If I could describe Tina in one word, I would say she was a Godsend.

 At first I was very skeptical about doulas because I feared a stranger would interfere with the intimacy of such a special moment, but as I became more educated, I decided I wanted a natural childbirth and realized a doula was a must. I interviewed multiple candidates, and soon became confident Tina was the right choice thanks to her experience in the field and her nurturing personality.

During the pregnancy she made herself very accessible, was very accommodating to my schedule, and never made me feel rushed, despite the very long lists of questions.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen complications, I was not able to have the natural childbirth experience I had planned and was extremely concerned about the health of my unborn child.

This is when I realized Tina’s knowledge and experience was not limited to an ideal natural birth. She coached me through pitocin induced contractions, massaged me, held my hand during some of the most painful moments and overall supported me in an amazing way. She simply knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it … a true Godsend. I really feel blessed to have her with me as her presence was instrumental in not only helping me through the birth but in helping me through this emotional time as well.

In essence, Tina showed a great deal of professionalism and care towards me. She was very respectful and was truly a key component to my positive birthing experience. She comes with my strongest recommendations and I hope to have her help me again in the future.

Laura I.

Since this was our first child, we didn’t know exactly what to expect from a doula. We knew having a doula would be a valuable asset to support me through the journey of a natural child birth but we did not anticipate the extent of how true this would be, not only for during labor but also for before and after our son was born…and this was all due to the WONDERFUL person Tina is! Yes, Tina had tons of knowledge about how to help me be comfortable during contractions, etc. but even more important to me, she gave off the calming, nurturing energy that I needed  to help keep me in a positive state of mind. My labor was not short but Tina was there with me every moment, always working hard to be whatever I needed at the time- someone to literally lean on during contractions, an encourager, a comforter, a sounding board….the list goes on and on. My husband was also exhausted and at times overwhelmed and Tina was there supporting him as well and gave him the peace of mind that when he needed a break, I was in great hands with Tina. I was able to have the natural child birth that I always wanted largely due to the fact that Tina was there with me. No matter how many years will go by, my memories of giving birth to my son will ALWAYS vividly include Tina by my side. I am also beyond thankful to Tina for helping me gain the confidence I needed to get through some breastfeeding challenges at the beginning. My son and I are still breastfeeding happily now almost one year later. Tina is such a special person who has passion for what she does and I cannot recommend her services enough! My husband and I agree that when we are hopefully blessed with a future pregnancy, one of the first people we will call is Tina because we couldn’t imagine bringing another life into this world without her! –  Katey M.

“We were blessed to have found Tina early in my pregnancy, and came to regard her as a friend and mentor through the next six months and beyond. Tina is warm, honest and incredibly knowledgable about pregnancy, birth and babies and we looked forward to each meeting with her. Although my labor spanned two days, Tina was at our side throughout, offering advice, love and reassurance. With her wisdom and support, we achieved our “dream” birth: an unmedicated, physiological birth with little medical intervention and immediate skin-to-skin contact with our baby girl. Additionally, she was extremely helpful over the first few days while I struggled to breastfeed, and was instrumental in my choosing to do so exclusively. Tina continues to be a part of our lives and the life of our daughter, Lily, and our family is immensely grateful for Tina’s services and her friendship.”

-Cassandra, Carl & Lily


“Working with Tina was a wonderful experience!  Like most first time parents, we were incredibly unsure of ourselves.  We knew generally how we wanted our son to be born but we weren’t sure how to actually make it happen.  We wanted things to be as natural as possible but, since I had gestational diabetes, our doctor wanted to perform a planned c-section with no labor.  Tina helped us find the information we needed to be confident in our decisions and talk to our OB about what we really wanted.  She helped us to write a birth plan that our doctor respected and, to our surprise, our doctor was willing to work with us!   That, in and of itself, was invaluable to us.  During the birth, Tina helped us understand exactly what was happening so that we could make informed decisions throughout the whole process.  She wasn’t only there to help me.  She was also there to help my husband, PK.  She didn’t take anyone’s place but she added to and worked with everyone to make the experience the best it could possibly be.  After our son, Bridger, was born, Tina was there to help us to start breastfeeding immediately and visited us at home to help us in any way she could.  It was so comforting to know that she was available to answer any of our million questions!  We can’t imagine how things would have turned out if we hadn’t had Tina in our corner the whole time.  Now, our beautiful baby boy is thriving and is almost 4 months old.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

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